Conflict Coaching Co

Est 1995
Change - Evolution - Growth

It' was by accident that we realized our 25th year anniversary had come and gone.  Our focus on the changing events of the world kept us distracted and concerned.  

We are going to the core of what we do best.  Provide support and skills to improve you ability to respond and adapt to our changing world.  

Conflict Incorporated

Conflict is challenges the best of relationships.  Our ability to manage the impact of conflict though our communication and behavior can make the difference resulting in healthy resolution or dysfunctional management.  

Developing the skills to address the core of conflict and navigating emotional waters can be difficult.  It's impossible to ignore (although some really try).  

Learn 5 simple strategies to identify, understand, manage and resolve common workplace problems and improve implementation of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) strategies.  

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