The expectation and unexpected gift of care giving came naturally to Karen at a young age.  With a keen eye for energetic and emotional shifts, Karen's deep curiosity into social and cultural justice created a path for compassion and guidance, and advocacy in assisting individuals through conflict.  

Karen is the exact definition of a the Renaissance woman.  

Karen Lynn Living is about helping you in finding and implementation of the "low hanging fruit" of life.  More eloquently, Karen Lynn Living strives to assist you in identifying eloquent solutions to every day challenges.



Karen Harold is a private mediator, professional facilitator,  She specializes in resolving high conflict personal and professional dispute resolution and conflict resolution coaching. 

2020 marks 25 years working in the violence prevention, survivor advocacy, and peace building field.


  • California POST certification

  • Law enforcement academy graduate

  • Former sworn peace officer

  • Mediator

  • Crisis Counselor

  • Adjunct instructor California State University Sacramento – College of Continuing Education

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Karen Lynn