Inspired by the endless family and neighborhood open-door gatherings listening to music or playing cards and board games, the Brooks Inn hosts a black-owned cultural club dedicated to preserving the history of the lost community of "The Harlem of the West".  We desire to create a safe, collaborative, private, invitation-only club for educational, social, and business connections. 

Meet and connect with friends and colleagues, work and host meetings, celebrate with private events, and enjoy a visit to the garden.  

Other areas to be offered in "club life":

Guest Speakers

Wine tastings

Music & Art performances

Concierge Services

This is a return to southern hospitality with Victorian civility and social graces.  Let's return to a time of etiquette, respect, self-discipline, community support, education, eloquence, humility, class, and elegance.  


Stand Up

Love Strong


Applications accepted by exclusive invitation

Limited memberships available


Brooks Inn